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What Does it Cost?

One of the most intimidating factors of working with attorneys is the financial burden. At Medlin Townsend, PLLC, we believe that the price and scope of our work should be agreed upon up-front just like with any other service! There should be no hidden costs or surprises when hiring a lawyer. And it is important to have an open discussion about fees before any work. We offer several payment options so that you can choose an option that best meets your needs.

We offer the following payment arrangements:

Flat Rate

We discuss exactly what work will be done before we begin and agree on the price before we start.

Hourly Rate

We have very reasonable hourly rates.

Monthly Retainer

For growing companies and those without a legal department, this option works very well. We act as "in-house" counsel for your business, interacting closely with managers, officers, business owners, and other leadership members of your organization to prevent legal issues and address any legal problems that may arise.


When working with collections on a contingency basis, we retain an agreed-upon percentage of the funds collected from the debtor. If you have questions about the payment options or how our legal services can fit your business model and budget, we are happy to discuss it with you. Just give us a call!

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